Car Tires - Safety Concern - Serious Defect

Severe warning - Car tires may have a concealed defect that might lead to drivers to reduce control on the road.

Most of us believe that if our car wheels look great, are properly inflated and also have adequate tread, they are probably safe to go out on the highway with.
But few drivers ever take into account the age of their tires - as we are going to learn, this is often a tragic mistake.

Tires, especially the extra tire, could be up to decade old, building them a major accident waiting to occur. A ten-year outdated tire can possess deteriorated to the idea of experiencing rotted inside when the tire is utilized at highway speeds the result can be disastrous.

"In tires, the components that contain the belts collectively -- the rubber materials -- can degrade and lose its elasticity, and the one's properties are certain to get to the stage where the tire can't hold together," said automobile security advocate Sean Kane. Also, in warmer climates, tires begin to break-down even previously. Six years, or old, is whenever we start to visit a disproportionate rise in tire failures. An American authorities report on tire aging, analyzing insured tire statements from several states, discovered that 84 percent of statements were for wheels over 6 years previous. Even by no means used tires, such as those bought from the showroom ground, in the same generation, are simply as dangerous, because they may indeed have already been sitting presently there for a decade or even more, just waiting around to be sold.

Many auto-manufacturers now put warnings within their new-car manuals, caution against using tires a lot more than 6 years old. What is required are expiration dates stamped on the merchandise, similar to numerous other consumer items, from washers to yogurt.

The tire industry disagrees, stating that expiration dates are only going to give consumers a false sense of security, Dan Zielinski from the 'Rubber Producers Association' says: "Consumers may view the use-by-time as the minimal service-time they can use that tire, regardless of what they do to it - if they look after it or not, or have worn it to the nub."

Tire-makers state proper maintenance is the key to safe and sound tires and that there is absolutely no reliable data available showing wheels becoming dangerous after 6 years.

So, where does this leave the buyer? I've some invaluable info to spread to you!
On the outer wall or side-wall of the tire, the bit that faces from the car, are a group of four raised figures and letters (actually produced with the tire). The last group of four numbers shows the "birth-date of the tire". e.g. if it displays 1501, this implies on the 15th week of 2001 may be the date of manufacture.

Safety specialists advise that if a tire will fail, the driver shouldn't slam on the brakes, this may cause the automobile to swerve uncontrollable, pulling suddenly toward the affected tire, nor should motorists jerk the wheel back again, possibly causing the car to roll.

Drivers should immediately cool off the accelerator and gently draw the wheel back again to straighten the automobile applying the brakes carefully after the car offers slowed to a manageable velocity.

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